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Amazing performance and "kawaii" surprise...
Okada Junichi
I've read today here: review amazing performance in Music Station (2015.02.06) new SMAP single Kareinaru Gyakushuu (The Grand Counterattack).
It's great show where SMAP members show their sexy side. I can watch this all the time and always I've seen something new which I've never seen before. I love them!

But the most unbeliveble was talk Tamori-san with one girl on idol group EbiChuu. I agree with yanie02, she sounded like sqeezed mouse or baby. I've cried watching this part... What is that? She really is a singer?? I don't belive that, I think that it's kind of mistifikation, that person singing pofesionally??

The most amazing were SMAP members behavior when this baby-girl was talking. Their faces were so different from what we've usually seen. It's shock, surprise, disbelife, the doubt and almost despaire all at the same time! In the end Kimura Takuya was defeated by this squeezed mice - the greatest warrior among the samurai Miyamoto Musashi was beaten by little girl with small voice! Incredible!!

Interview with Kimura Takuya (^x^)
Okada Junichi
KT Interview: 100 questions 100 answers - Kimura Takuya x Men's Non-No ENDLESS
6 stycznia 2013 o 17:14
from FB

Translation Credit: Orahen

Translated the 100 Questions 100 Answers segment from the Kimura Takuya x Men's Non-no photobook.


100 questions 100 answers

Q01 First thing you do after you wake up?

Q02 What did you between when you woke up and now?

Q03 Do you have any daily routines?
Reading the newspaper.

Q04 Food you like?
Spaghetti and meat sauce.

Q05 Food you don't like?
Maku no uchi bentos that lack motivation.

Q06 Do you eat your favorite part of a meal first or last?

Q07 Now, right at this moment, what do you want to eat?
Frozen grapes. You put seedless grapes into a Ziploc, and freeze them in the refrigerator. It's super delicous.

Q08 Do you like alcohol?
I do.

Q09 What kind of sweets do you like?

Q10 What kind of fruit do you like

Q11 What kind of food are you good at making?

Q12 What's the most delicious thing you've cooked recently?
Meat sauce that goes beyond the general idea of meat sauce.

Q13 And what is that specifically?
It's a meat sauce where you first flambee boiled cow cheeks in red wine, then you cover that with a demiglaze souce that has lots of vegetables, and then add just a bit of Italian red pepper and garlic, granulated black pepper, and fresh peppers. It's beyond delicious.

Q14 Which food would you like to master?
The preparation of fish. Cause I mean, if you can't prepare it, it's a bust right (laughs)?

Q15 On the set of shoots for Men's non-no, the bento is always yakiniku bento. Honestly, do you ever think you'd like for it to change?
Never thought about it.

Q16 What would you want to eat on the last day of the world?
I wonder...Inari-zushi I suppose.

Q17 On average, how much do you sleep?
5~6 hours.

Q18 What do you wear to sleep?
T-shirt and sports brand half-pants.

Q19 What do you do to pass the time when you can't sleep?
I usually watch a movie.

Q20 What did you dream about yesterday?
I didn't.

Q21 Are you stressed?
Most definitely (laughs).

Q22 What do you do to get rid of stress?
Go to the root of the problem.*

Q23 Do you shop often?
I wouldn't say often, but also not seldom.

Q24 Where do you often shop?

Q25 Have you bought anything today?

Q26 When do you buy western clothes?
On impulse.

Q27 What style do you like?
Of course, T-shirts are a must.

Q28 What have you bought lately?

Q29 About how many T-shirts do you have?
If we're talking short-sleeves, probably about 200. If we throw in long-sleeves...there are so many I have absolutely no idea (laughs).

Q30 About how many pairs of jeans do you have?
If we include white and black and stuff, thirty.

Q31 About how many pairs of shoes do you have?
Umm, probably around forty pairs.

Q32 Anything you're collecting now?
I don't have any collections that you could call a collection.

Q33 Do you have anything you're particularly attached to?
A pair of jeans I bought when I was twenty. I still wear them now.

Q34 What's the thing you want most right now?
New DVD.

Q35 What are your hobbies?

Q36 Do you have any special rules for yourself?
Always starting with the right foot when putting on my shoes.

Q37 Do you have any habits you'd like to fix?
Smoking, I guess. But not because I want to quit.

Q38 Which part of your body do like best?
My hands.

Q39 And on the other hand, which part of your body do you like the least?
My ass.

Q40 Do you do any sort of training (of the body, etc.)
I don't do anything special, usually.

Q41 Do you believe in fate?
I do.

Q42 Do you think aliens exist?
I think they do.

Q43 Where do you most want to go right now?
The South Pole.

Q44 What would you like to do if you were to go?
I want to take pictures.

Q45 Whom do you want to meet most right now?
Al Pachino.

Q46 What would you do if you met him?
Go out for a meal.

Q47 Quintessential represenation of a man?**
Having a sense of responsibility. Ah, wait, there's the idea of "represenation" right? I dunno, a lion maybe.

Q48 Quintessential represenation of a woman?
A leopard, I guess. I'm not talking about the clothing pattern (laughs).

Q49 What do you think is important to have a person?
A sense of humor.

Q50 It's the 50th question. Any thoughts?
Not really.

Q51 What's the next hairstyle you want to have?
Whatever suits my next role.

Q52 If you were to reborn, would you rather be a man or a woman?

Q53 If you could become a woman for just a day, what would you do?
Oh, you know (laughs).

Q54 What do you like most about a woman's body?
Ahh, I don't know~ Can't choose between the chest and thighs.

Q55 What do women do that makes you think they're sexy?
When they're checking their clothes for the day. (t/n: like in the morning or something)

Q56 Which kind of women's fashion do you like?
As you'd expect, anything that shows off her figure.

Q57 What are you most into right now?
Garlic Tabasco.

Q58 If you had a time machine, where would you like to go?
Twenty years from now. I want to see what Japan is like in twenty years.

Q59 This year is the 20th anniversary of SMAP's debut. Say something to the you of 20 years ago.
"Leave it to me."

Q60 And now, say something to the other members of 20 years ago.
"Don't turn into pompous brats." (t/n: lol kimura. he literally said "don't turn into tengu" XD)

Q61 In the past twenty years, what is the number thing that sticks out in your mind?
There way too many so I can't choose.

Q62 What is SMAP to you?
A base.

Q63 What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't in SMAP?
Ehhh...probably taking pictures.

Q64 What is Kimura Takuya to you?
A beginning, really tiny. (t/n: i have absolutely no idea either)

Q65 Have you ever looked back on any of the productions you've appeared in?

Q66 Is there a role you'd like to try playing again?
Shinkai Hajime (GOOD LUCK!!) or Kuriyu Kouhei (HERO). But I'm especially hung up on Kuriyu Kouhei, you know? He has this line, "The way to beat you is to go at you with everything I've got at your trial" and I don't think I've done that yet.

Q67 When do you memorize your scripts?
The day before. Though I wouldn't really call it memorizing, more like strategizing. Thinking about like, that person would want to do things like this and stuff.

Q68 Favorite spot in Tokyo?
Yoyogi Park.

Q69 What kind of souvenir from Tokyo would you give to your foreign friends?
Saikyou-zuke. (t/n: it's a sort of sauce made from miso and mirin that you put on fish)

Q70 Favorite country/city?

Q71 If you were stuck on an island with no people but could bring three things with you, what would you bring?
A knife, fishing gear, and a camera.

Q72 If there's anything that would be an inconvenience if you lost it?
My cell phone.

Q73 About how many times do you text in a day?
Five or six times.

Q74 Favorite animal?

Q75 Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog person (immediate response).

Q76 What are the name of your pet?
I have four dogs, but the newest one's name is Bebe.

Q77 What's your favorite word?
「志」 (t/n: means "resolve," pronounced shi/kokorozashi)

Q78 What's a gag you've been into lately?
It's not exactly recent, but "dou ka shiteru ze" (laughs). (t/n: idk this gag soooo... XD)

Q79 Favorite scene?
When my friends are waiting for the waves. (t/n: waiting for a good wave for surfing)

Q80 Favorite color?

Q81 Favorite manga?
"That one."

Q82 Favorite movie?
Scent of a Woman.

Q83 What movie would you recommend to make a man a better man?
The Outsiders.

Q84 What movie would you recommend to make a woman a better woman?
Steel Magnolias.

Q85 How many guitars do you own?

Q86 What's your favorite chord?

Q87 Who's your guitar hero?
Uwaaa, I have so manyyy. Slash, I guess.

Q88 Do you go karaoke?
There are times when everyone goes so I go too, but I don't go of my own volition.

Q89 Is there a song you always sing at karaoke?
"Banzai~suki de yokatta~" by Ulfuls.

Q90 If you could be reborn, what would you want to be?
Oh I dunno. But I guess a human would be best.

Q91 Why?
Because! I can go back to my roots.

Q92 If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
I'd wish for a recovered Japan.

Q93 What's made you laugh the most recently?
Seeing people screaming on an amusement park ride that wasn't scary at all.

Q94 What's made you most angry recently?
Seeing news that no sane person could ever believe.

Q95 When you have cried recently?
During the filming for Nankyoku Tairiku.

Q96 Why?
Even though it's acting, it can still be pretty difficult.

Q97 Have there been times when you've had to apologize to someone?
I think so.

Q98 What would you want to try as a final experience?
Go to space, I think, y'know.

Q99 Say something to the people who have bought this photo book.
Thanks. Also, tonight, whatcha eating?

Q100 It's the end of 100 Questions 100 Answers. Any thoughts?
Not really (laughs).

Translator's Note:*He literally said "going to the actual place," which seemed to be a literal place, but I don't think that's what he meant.

**He was concerned with the meaning of one of the kanji characters of the word, which carries the meaning of image, etc. in his response, which is why I made the question sort of awkward? D: I was trying to keep the wording of the question and the wording of his answer similar enough that the reason he switched his answer is more apparent. I hope I was successful. >_

Ru's Note: Many many thanks to the wonderful translator for taking the time to patiently translate this interview for the non Japanese fans.If not for such amazing people, so many of us would never get to know so much about our idols

I don't belive!!! How they was young on this concert!!! 終了からのアンコール‼ 1995
Okada Junichi

Kimura Takuya is so cute!!!

木村拓哉 x 香取慎吾 - 「ガンダーラ」
Okada Junichi
When I saw this performance, I love that! It's beautiful!!

Okada Junichi
I'm Anna from Poland. I've just started in lj and I may make any mistakes in english because I'm still learning this beautiful language. So, I sorry for my mistakes. Please, forgive me.
I live in beautiful village and I work in office. When I don't work I'm watching japanese dramas. My favorite actors are Kimura Takuya and Yamashita Tomohisa.
I wish I could speak Japanese because I like this language and I want to now what they say in my favorite untranslate shows e.g. SmapXSmap.


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